RecipesMake JellO Marshmallow Cake Fondant Recipe

Make JellO Marshmallow Cake Fondant Recipe

This simple method of how make jello marshmallow cake fondant recipe amazingly adds bright colors, easy to make, very delicious and great to work with. It is a great creative cake decorating material that is meant to be eaten. Marshmallow fondant produces a smooth finish as traditional fondant and is easier to work with.

Make JellO Marshmallow Cake Fondant Recipe

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Fondant is a very popular type of frosting that is very popular in the cake decorating industry. This is because it is very soft, sweet and very easy to manipulate. Many people have discovered a new variety of fondant made from marshmallows. The result is a much sweeter tasting fondant, which is preferred more by kids. Now it would appear that there is a new addition to the marshmallow fondant recipe.

This recipe makes both color and flavor improvements to the traditional marshmallow fondant. Your family will love the addition of the Jell-O flavor to the already sweet goodness that the marshmallows already add. The color from your choice of Jell-O you use will add to your decoration options for your cake. The recipe makes it really easy make and in no time you will be ready to begin decorating your cake.

Benefits of using the Jell-O Marshmallow Fondant Recipe

● Adds customized color and flavors to your regular marshmallow fondant

● Recipe includes a full list of all the necessary ingredients, supplies and tools

● Includes a very easy to read and follow set of step by step instruction guide

● Has several full color photos that are used to show some of the steps of the recipe



Powdered Sugar*

Box of Jello Mix flavor of choice


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