RecipesMake Jelly From Foraged Flowers 16 Recipes

Make Jelly From Foraged Flowers 16 Recipes

If you like to make small batches of jelly try these recipes for making them with foraged flowers. It is very lucky to live in a region where you can experience the four seasons quite distinctly. Each season has its own advantages in the form of seasonal fruits and crops and of course the surroundings are always a great view to enjoy. Everyone has their own favorite season but perhaps, there is hardly a person who does not appreciate the spring season. Spring is a season which helps lift the mood of people after a long lazy winter.

Make Jelly From Foraged Flowers 16 Recipes

It is a time to feel lively and get outside to enjoy the sunshine without getting scorched like in summers. The best thing about spring is the emergence of new leaves and flowers. Spring brings a multiple range of colors with it and it is hard to ignore the affect it creates. However, flowers are not only useful for adding a boost of color to your garden or spread pleasant aromas across the air.

Many flowers are safe for eating and some people like to chew them as it is while others prepare more edible and flavor rich recipes from them. In this article from the Prepper Project, the author talks about the pleasant season of spring and what flowers can be used to prepare 16 different delicious jellies, including this one which is a Rose Petal Jelly from Luckybeans.


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