DIY ProjectsMake Lego Toy Table from Coffee Table DIY Project

Make Lego Toy Table from Coffee Table DIY Project

How to make a Lego toy table from coffee table diy project is detailed in this step by step tutorial. Kids have a limitless imagination and they would love to play with legos on a stable foundation such as a flat coffee table.

Make Legos Toy Table from Coffee Table DIY Project

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Self sufficiency has a lot to do with ingenuity and the repurposing of what you have or find to make what you need or want. This lady has come up with an idea that really matches all of the concepts of homesteading. An added benefit is that it looks good and can be tailored to any décor.

Make Lego Toy Table from Coffee Table DIY Project
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Lego blocks are a marvel of ingenuity. The little blocks have become one of the most profitable companies in the world. There is a problem with this toy. Children tend to strew Lego all over everywhere. Parents have found the blocks in the most unusual of places.

The problem is that the blocks can be a danger to children, animals, and adults. Small children and animals may swallow or fall over the odd block and get hurt. Adults may curse the scattered blocks when they stumble over them in barefeet.

Make Lego Toy Table from Coffee Table DIY Project
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This idea eliminates the problem and the danger. The materials to create the working part of the project are available at any toy store. The table can be in your garage or attic. You can find a table that is perfect at any used furniture sale or moving sale. The most work involved is painting and refinishing a beat up table.

You have to consider how big your child is now before you begin. You need a table that your child can reach sitting down. You need a table that fits all of your children now and that will work for as long as they enjoy Lego.

This is a really cool idea. It looks good. It solves a problem. It keeps your kids safe. It lets your children be creative without creating a mess that you have to clean up.

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