CraftsMake Light Up LED Color Changing Dance Skirt Project

Make Light Up LED Color Changing Dance Skirt Project

How to Make Light Up LED Color Changing Dance Skirt Project is an amazing way to add color and flash to battery powered skirt.

Make Light Up LED Color Changing Dance Skirt Project

LED lights can be used in more ways than you can imagine. It has become quite popular in the fashion industry as it is infused in accessories and clothing items. Its illuminative quality gives it a big impression when infused in clothes hence its relegation to costumes and raves. It can, however, be an element of an everyday garment and still be classy. Not only will it serve to enhance the aesthetics of such garment and it would also allow for multi-purpose use.

This project, for instance, changes a piece of the skirt into a show stopper when the LED lights come on. A classy evening wear that can easily be converted into some hard piece of clothing when on a night prowl. More than anything it would be worth the surprise on your partner’s face when the light comes on.

You can buy a Waterproof Flexible Color Changing LEDs DC 5V Battery-powered LED Strip Light with Mini Controller right here.

To make the project less complicated, you can use a pre-programmed LED chip controlled by remote. You can get one from Cool Neon. With this, you eliminate the need for Arduino coding. The worry of having your LED pixels show has been eliminated with RGB side emitting led strip. This strip also has lights that are oriented to shine perpendicular instead of parallel causing light to the whole skirt with just one strip.

The project is simple if you follow the instructions. Materials can be found in a garment making shop and hardware stores. It also comes with pictures showing every stage of the project. You should have fun doing this and also with the results.

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