How To Make Nettle Beer

If you have stinging nettle growing in your area you can learn how to make nettle beer. You will need to collect 100 tops off of the stinging nettles and this will make a 12 litre brew. I have never tried it but I know folks use nettles for teas and seem to like it.

How To Make Nettle Beer


The nettles are full of vitamins and minerals so as it is a free food that you can forage why not try making the beer with it, If you or someone you know drinks beer that may become a favorite. If not you could still try it in tea. The recipe for the nettle beer is shared by Hunter Gather Cook who is building a tree house to live in. If there are lots of stinging nettles by you, you might like this post for a bunch of ideas on what you can do with stinging nettles.   Wild Food Foraging: Stinging Nettles Recipes.


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