Off GridHow to Make an Off Grid Flip Flop Winch

How to Make an Off Grid Flip Flop Winch

Learn how to make an off grid flip flop winch for times when you may need one and not have any way of getting one. When you decide to live off grid there is one thing you have to realize that does not mean that there will not come a time that you wished that you had some amount of electrical power. This is especially true if you are needing the help of a powerful electric winch to pull stumps or other stubborn things around your homestead. This DIY project will definitely come in handy for a number of pulling jobs.

How to Make an Off Grid Flip Flop Winch

This Do It Yourself project in the form of a video is from Survival Sherpa. This video makes it really easy for anyone to be able to make their own off grid winch that requires no electricity. This project does not require you to have a whole lot of DIY skill in order to make it.
This winch could be a life saver for someone off hunting or camping that gets stuck in the mud among many other times you may need a winch.

Benefits of following How to Make an Off Grid Flip Flop Winch

Use the information in the video to set up your own multi purpose winch.
It describes all of the materials and supplies you need to get started.
The video goes into great detail on hope to set up and operate the winch.
The video is perfect way to present the information on the winch.

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