DIY ProjectsMake Penny Top Table Craft Project for Pennies

Make Penny Top Table Craft Project for Pennies

How to Make Penny Top Table Craft Project for Pennies is a creative twist on a trendy task. By using pennies as a building material, the overall cost is mangable. Save your pocket change and create a show stopping peice of furniture for any room.

Make Penny Top Table Craft Project for Pennies

Penny-top tables have been around for a while. You can find small penny-top tables in quaint bistros, coffee shops, bookstores, and restaurants. More recently, people have started putting them in their homes. You can see penny-top tables as patio tables, coffee tables, and bedside tables.

We can agree that penny-top tables are fashionable and functional. And who does not like shiny new pennies. However, you do not have to make a penny-top table with new pennies only, you can mix the old with the new, exotic with the usual and even throw in some foreign pennies from travels past.

Making a penny-top table is a lot easier than you may think. You just need a few simple materials, some time, enthusiasm for DIY and a little bit of creativity. You can cut the DIY in half by using an old table you already have or buy a second-hand table you will not mind experimenting with.

You will need:

• Enough pennies to cover the entire surface top of the table.

• A railing or edging for the table

• A layout design for the pennies

• A tool to cut the pennies

• Glue

• Glaze or gloss epoxy coating.

You will need acutting tool as your pennies will not match the size and shape of your table top exactly. Cutting some of the pennies in half will help you design tofit the table top.

Take your time with the glazing as you do not want any bubbles to form under the surface. Also, use a flat tool to push the glaze into any corners. Further, let the glaze dry for about 2 days in a well-ventilated room.

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