DIY ProjectsMake Portable Toolbox Cooking Grill DIY Project

Make Portable Toolbox Cooking Grill DIY Project

How to Make Portable Toolbox Cooking Grill DIY Project. It retains its excellent portability and it is an excellent choice for camping, tailgating, and hunting or for cooking on the job site.

Make Portable Toolbox Cooking Grill DIY Project

Not everyone enjoys fancy hotels or exotic spots for a family vacation, some just love the naturalness of lying under a blanket of stars with nothing but a carefully prepared camp fire to show the way. Spending the night camping under stars also comes with grilling. Although grilling machines can be bought in stores, there are portable versions that can be designed and built at home, which would still work just fine. One of which is the Tool Box Grill.

Below is a simple step by step summary of how to build a Tool Box Grill.

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*** Materials:

1 old Steel Tool Box- local Thrift Store- $2

2 Steel grates*- Recycled (Free)

4 Stove bolts, 4 washers, 8 nuts- Husband’s stash

Aerosol Paint Remover- Hardware Store- $5

Heat-resistant Stove Paint- leftover from previous project

Sugru- Prize from Instructables!

2 Pot Holders- Dollar Store- $1

Magnets- craft stash

4 Rubber stoppers- craft stash

*** Tools:

Safety Glasses

Reciprocating Saw

Drill and bits

Right angle drill

Paint scraper/putty knife

Wire brush


Ratchet and Socket

After acquiring the needed materials and tools, cut the steel grates according to the size of your tool box. Two steel grates are needed for our grill; the lower charcoal grate and the grilling gate.

These grates are then inserted into the tool box, helped by two pairs of parallel holes drilled into the sides of the box.

Please, it is important to note that the upper grilling grate should be 2 inches or more below the box lid, this is so that grilling can occur even when the box is closed.

The next step is to use a high heat stove paint on the inside of the box. It is important to use paint that has high resistance to charcoal heat to prevent melting and then smoking.

Next is to give the tool box grill legs. To give it ‘legs’, four holes can be drilled into the bottom of the box, one at each end, and then a stove bolt leg can be fastened, each one in each of the holes.

Your tool box grill is almost complete, you can drill two holes into each side of the box, just below the charcoal grill. This is for ventilation. The metal handle can also be changed to a wooden one to allow for easier handling.

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