BeveragesMake Pumpkin Pie Faux Moonshine Recipe

Make Pumpkin Pie Faux Moonshine Recipe

This simple how to make pumpkin pie faux moonshine recipe is so delicious that you will want to drink it year round not just in the fall season.

Make Pumpkin Pie Faux Moonshine Recipe

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The fact is that you can make drinking alcohol, also know as ethanol, moonshine, shine, white-lightening, from any plant that has cellulose. You do not have to go to all the trouble of doing the distilling to get a uniquely flavored alcoholic drink to celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving or any occasion.

You are legally safer not dealing with doing any distilling at all.

Gather These Ingredients:

Can Pumpkin Puree

Brown Sugar

Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix

Frozen Apple Juice Concentrate

A Bottle of either Vodka or Everclear

The following is a short cut method to make really unique tasting liquor. The featured vegetable is pumpkin pie. This is a really unique and fast way to make a totally original tasting drink.

This concept epitomizes one of the central concepts of homesteading and doing it yourself. You take what you have grown and add a little bit of something that you buy and make something totally new and special that no one has ever thought of before.

The following is an extremely unique use for pumpkins. You get the pumpkin taste along with a strong alcohol kick that adds to the fun of any celebration. Step by step instructions are below.

If you like pumpkin pie, well you will love this drinkable version. Remember this is an adult beverage.
The answer to this question is “Can I make Pumpkin Pie Moonshine without a Still ?” Yes of course simply substituted the Moonshine in the recipe for vodka or everclear.

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