CleanersMake SCENTED VINEGAR for House Cleaning

Make SCENTED VINEGAR for House Cleaning

This simple tutorial of how to make scented vinegar for house cleaning using leftover citrus and one favorite kitchen staple…vinegar.
Do you know that you can prepare the world’s best natural cleaner for cleaning your home in just 2 seconds? It’s easy, thrifty and reliable.

Make SCENTED VINEGAR for House Cleaning

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Scented vinegars are made with citrus peels and herbs and is easy to make. It is non-toxic and cuts through grease with ease and combines the cleaning power of vinegar and citrus oil.

I will take you through how to get along with this homemaking project that makes you a goddess in your home, all you need is leftover fruit peels or herbs that would otherwise go to waste.

To make the Scented vinegar. First, wash your glass jars after which you will fill with citrus peels and herbs then get heated vinegar and pour it over the herbs. It is advisable to seal and place the jars in a cool dark place, you can now leave the mixture for about a day interval then your cleaner is now ready for use.

What can I use this cleaner for ?

Almost every job in your home can be cleaned using the DIY cleaner which is non-toxic and easy to use. These ranges from microwave & refrigerator cleaning, window washing, pest control, fabric softener, toilet deep cleaner, washing machine refresher, pet odor remover, hard water spot remover, carpet cleaner, hard floor cleaner, refresh hardwood floor finish, coffee pot cleaner, weeds killer and so on. It can also serve as an all-purpose cleaner, as a rinse aid and can be used to eliminate food odors.

You may want to think further on how you will successfully and perfectly use this vinegar to clean your home, the process is also simple and short and will make your home look dazzling.

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Melissa Francis
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