CanningMake Seedless BLACKBERRY JAM Canning Recipe

Make Seedless BLACKBERRY JAM Canning Recipe

How to make seedless blackberry jam recipe is detailed in this step by step easy process with completely illustrated directions. Nothing says “Summer!” like fresh blackberries.

Make Seedless BLACKBERRY JAM Recipe

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This is how to make homemade blackberry jam that is seedless.

Have the following when making this: a jar funnel, jars with lids, a ladle, a spatula, potato masher, a sack towel, and tongs. In addition, get a large canning pot, a cooking pot for the jars and lids, and a pot for the jam to cook in.

For the jam, get plenty of sugar, along with some lemon juice, blackberries, and fruit pectin.

Make Seedless BLACKBERRY JAM Canning Recipe
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First, get a colander, put it on a large measuring cup, and put the sack towel on top of that. Put some berries in the towel and smash them with the potato masher. After that, squeeze away the jam that is made from it while keeping out the seeds. It will take some effort to get it all out. Note, there will be berry stains when doing this. Get enough of this to equal 3.5 cups of it.

Next, fill the big canning pot with two-thirds of hot water and put it on the stove on high with the cover on. In another pot, put in several clean jars and lids and fill with water as well; let the water boil on medium-to-high heat. Afterwards, pour the juice into the third large pot and add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice plus a package of fruit pectin. Cook it all on high heat while stirring with the spatula for about 10 minutes.

Finally, comes the sugar – 5 cups of it. Stir for another 10 minutes until the boiling returns. With tongs, get a jar, put it on a towel, and use the ladle to fill the jar with jam. Close them and repeat with the other jars and put them back in their pot. After another 10 minutes of boiling, take them out and cover them with another towel so they don’t cool down too fast. Once cool after a few hours, set the jam aside to use at any given time.

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