SeedsMake Seeds Garden Tape for Even Planting

Make Seeds Garden Tape for Even Planting

How to make seeds garden tape for even planting is detailed in this step by step tutorial. The materials are inexpensive, the project is quick to make and make planting a snap.  Seed garden tapes are great when you are planning multiple harvest.

Make Seeds Garden Tape for Even Planting

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This is the time to grow flowers in a fun way with kids. It is easy, cheap, and a time-saver. Have party streamers, a ruler, a marker, seeds, a paintbrush, and cornstarch glue – the latter has to be made first.

First, make a batch of glue that will keep the seeds still on the tape; this glue will be plant-based instead of water-based. Take a small pan and mix a cup of water with a tablespoon of cornstarch. Heat the mixture over a medium heat, stir consistently, and wait till boil; the result is a gel-like substance. Take the pan off the oven and let the mix cool down. Once the glue is finished, start preparing the streamers. Cut several pieces of the party streamer to a certain length desired.


Any colored party streamers (99 cent store)

Measuring tape or ruler



Prepared cornstarch “glue”

A small paintbrush

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Next, measure the space that is between each seed,based on the seed itself, as recommended. Notch the gaps on one side of the piece of streamer using the marker.Next, take a paintbrush and add a touch of the glue on each notch and put a seed on the glue spot made. Then,spread over some of the cornstarch glue along the edge of the piece that doesn’t have seeds on them and fold it over the seeded section. Attach it together and let the glue dry. Slowly, roll up the seeded tape and store it in a place that is safe to keep until it is time to use it.

Like that, seed are ready for planting in a straight line when it’s time.

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Melissa Francis
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