CraftsMake Simple Crafty Button Earrings Project

Make Simple Crafty Button Earrings Project

How to make simple crafty button earrings project has become fashionable trend by creating custom made button earrings. Not only is it frugal but just a pure delightful way to showcase beautiful buttons.

Make Simple Crafty Button Earrings Project

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Earrings and ear piercing have an ancient history with men and women both using the jewelry for decoration, and symbolism. Queen Mary wore button earrings made of pearl. Jewelry artists today experiment and make a variety of button earrings.

Modern times handmade button earrings have graced Paris runways and fashion magazine models. The materials and the possibilities for anyone to create astounding button earrings come as one of those pleasures of life. Buttons have been created with many materials from shells, ivory, metal, wood, and glass to name a few.

Materials and Tools Needed:

Flat Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Sharpie Marker

Nylon jaw Pliers

Bail making Pliers (optional)

2 Or 4 hole Buttons

Wire Cutters

20 Gauge Wire

Rubber hammer

Metal File

Historically color and style have created buttons to display art trends and politics. Button earrings can become attached to a shank or wired depending if a person wants a set for pierced ears or ears not pierced.

A dot of glue, a set of posts, and a favored set of buttons can create a fashion accessory in minutes. Have a political statement to make? A piece of fabric with a small logo only takes minutes to fashion into a set of button earrings. Feel the muse beckoning? View the environment for items that can become earring material. The wide variety of plastics, metal clips, technology knobs and office supplies can create abstract modern deco button earrings. Button earrings have become traded and collectible as antiques and intriguing jewelry art.

The only limit becomes your imagination. The next step becomes a set of instructions to guide your button earring creations.

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