Food Storage & SkillsMake Some Homemade Brandied Cherries

Make Some Homemade Brandied Cherries

Preserving sweet fresh ripe fruit in booze is a nice way to have the fruit all winter and infuse it with the alcoholic beverage. In this case it is cherries preserved and infused with brandy. These would be so delicious over ice cream or chopped up and added to fudge. Or even churned right into ice cream. In Germany and Poland this is a very popular way of preserving fruit and they keep theirs in a Rumtopf, aka rum pot, which is a ceramic crock. Growing up my mother and an aunt had theirs in a small crock on the counter.

While I am sure the cherries alone are delicious, if you don’t have any available in your area right now you can use any number of fruits or mixtures of fruits. If you want to preserve fruits other than cherries check out this Rumtopf Recipe. Once it is ready try it over ice cream, you will love it. You will love is so much you will want to just eat the fruit all by its self Easy to make and very tasty to eat, Nourished Kitchen shares the recipe for the brandies cherries.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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