Make Some Spicy Firestarter Jam


For all the folks that like a little spice in their lives check out the recipe for firestarter jam that you can can in the water bath canner and put in your pantry. I love the color of this it is gorgeous. Made with peaches and Scotch bonnet pepper ( you can use others if Scotch is unavailable). This is a great recipe for using peaches when they are around. I like the kick from the pepper and I think this would make an awesome glaze for pork tenderloin.

Spicy Firestarter Jam

Red Cro Green Crow shares the recipe and suggests removing the seeds from the pepper and I would agree because biting into one them would definitely take the heat up a notch. She says if you don’t want to water bath can the jam you can store it in the freezer, So even folks that don’t want or like to can will be able to make this spicy firestarter jam.

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