RecipesHow To Make Vegan Cheddar

How To Make Vegan Cheddar

If you have dairy intolerant people at your house you might like to learn how to make vegan cheddar cheese. This cheese melts so you can use it in just about any recipe that you want melted cheese. It has coconut milk as its base so it is lactose and casein free for folks that just can’t digest them properly.

How To Make Vegan Cheddar

The recipe for the cheese and even one for quesadillas made with the cheese are from Sweet Roots. It is an older recipe on the site and there are lots of healthy recipes to find there. This recipe is sure to be a favorite to a lot of folks for the melting ability. The quesadilla made with this vegan cheddar and brown rice tortillas looks very good and to think you could eat it and have no stomach upset from a regular cheese and flour tortilla quesadilla. Even if you eat meat some folks are still lactose intolerant so you could use this cheese to make cheese burgers and grilled cheese.

I haven’t tried melting the cheese to put on nachos yet but it is next on the list to try. It is easy to make and if you make the whole recipe you will have enough to use a couple of time during the week, to make mac and cheese or to put on sandwiches for lunches.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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