CraftsMake Waterproof Altoids Tin Spice Kit Project

Make Waterproof Altoids Tin Spice Kit Project

How to make waterproof Altoids tin spice kit project is a simple and frugal way to have a variety of spices in miniature.

Make Waterproof Altoids Tin Spice Kit Project

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With a drinking straw, cut at any length preferred (one that fits in an Altoids can), close it with a pliers, and then use a lighter to melt the ends. It should be shut tight at that end to fill it with it any spice; when done, close that end the same way as the first end. Choose your spices to fill in your straws and make sure they all fit in the can.

Salt, pepper, olive oil, vinegar, hot sauce, Cajun seasoning – whatever makes the food taste better. Once they all fit in, you have to shut the can itself so it doesn’t pop open accidentally. Using a piece of a bicycle inner tube, make sure it is cut as thick enough, but not too long, where it can wrapped around the tin can. It is basically a fat rubber band.

If you have a Swiss pocketknife and an emergency fishing kit, then, for cooking purposes, have the spices besides you. It can make what you eat in the wild taste a whole lot better.

When camping and hiking, which means being away from the nicely prepared food, it also means no luxury in what you eat.

Fresh fish out of the stream or canned beans; you just have to eat what you can cook. It is dull, but it is also about surviving the wild. But, for the sake of argument, let’s say one prefers a certain taste to their fish, using spices and sauces. Here’s where the spice kit in an Altoids can comes in.

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