RecipesMake Wine Vinegar With Leftover Wine

Make Wine Vinegar With Leftover Wine

If you have left over wine at your house, don’t throw it out. You can make wine vinegar out of it and use it up that way, You can use the vinegar for many things when cooking. You can use it in soups, vinaigrettes, use it to make fruit vinegars, in sauces and marinades. You can make wine vinegar out of red or white wine so you don’t have to throw away any leftover wine. If you have lots of leftover wines you can still use all of them to make wine vinegars. They get better with age so once the vinegar is made bottle it nicely and save it to give as gifts.

It isn’t cheap to buy wine vinegar so making it out of leftover wine that you would be pouring out anyway is a win win. In these instructions from Phickle you can see how simple it is to make wine vinegar and she says you don’t even need to use a mother to make it happen. If you enjoy making your own vinegars and would like to try another one that is a little different but could help use up any left over beer you may have then check out  How To Make Simple Beer Vinegar.

If you would like to make a vinegar that is great for making salad dressings and it gorgeous to look at because it is a pretty pink color then check out Homemade Chive Blossom Vinegar. If you have someone who loves to cook on your gift giving list you could make all three and give them a basket of different vinegars to use in their cooking.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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