Make Your Inexpensive Own Natural Translucent Makeup Powder


If you use a makeup powder check out this recipe for making your own at home with all natural and organic ingredients. You can make a whole jar of this and spend less than a little tiny amount of what you would buy at the beauty counter. It only has three ingredients, corn starch, green clay and cocoa. This is a great recipe for folks with oily skin as it will help keep the shine down by absorbing the oil. If you don’t have oily skin it won’t dry out the face.

It is meant to be a translucent powder but if you want a little more color in it you can add more cocoa or a couple of other items to add the color. Great Oak Circle shares the recipe and tells us this will be good for at least a year. So you buy the items and both the corn starch and the cocoa that remains after making your powder can be used in the kitchen so to make a lot of powder will only really cost you pennies. You can buy non gmo corn starch which is what I would use on my face. I love finding things like this that can save a nice chunk of change.


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