Natural Beauty RecipesMake Your Own Bubbling Callus Removing Scrub for Your Feet

Make Your Own Bubbling Callus Removing Scrub for Your Feet

Summer is just around the corner and we women will be ready to wear pretty sandals. Before hand most of us will need to pretty up the feet . This homemade bubbling callus removing scrub for your feet will have your feet ready for sandals in no time.

Make Your Own Bubbling Callus Removing Scrub for Your Feet

Your feet carry you every single day. However, you probably don’t give as much care as they deserve to the point that you completely neglect or forget about them. Just because your feet are often out of your sight doesn’t mean that they should also be out of your mind. Failure to take care of your feet not only affects their beauty but also their well being. This is the reason why you have to take the necessary measures to ensure that your feet stay beautiful and healthy. An important part of this is understanding the hard skin or callus on your feet and the importance of removing them as part of your feet care routine.

According to Amope, the hard skin or callus on feet may look different from one person to another because skin hardness is a scale instead of a condition you have or don’t have. Rough hard skin patches that often appear in yellowish color can appear on the ball or around the heel of your foot. This foot scrub is made using  Tom’s of Maine  body wash. They make a variety of scents in the body wash so you are sure to find one that will become your favorite.

This skin is sometimes less sensitive to touch compared to the surrounding skin. This is also quite thick.
Such skin areas, called calluses, are less defined compared to corns that are usually softer but have the same causes.

This hard skin can develop when your skin rubs against something like tight shoes, leading to calluses that form on bony parts of the foot that carry most of your weight when walking. Walking barefoot or the repeated heavy pressure like running speeds up callus formation. This is why athletes are more prone to hard skin on feet.
If you wish to get rid of this hard skin, Bren Did shares a pampering bubbling foot scrub and soak to help you soften the skin on your feet and remove those unwanted calluses.

Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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