DairyMake Your Own Cheese With Yogurt And Wild Herbs

Make Your Own Cheese With Yogurt And Wild Herbs

      Great tutorial for making cheese at home out of yogurt and fresh herbs. This cheese is beautiful with the herbs and flowers in it. I learned something new in this article. It seems that way back when, humans could not drink milk because we did not produce an enzyme called lactase that help break down the lactose in milk. So the people figured out that they could consume milk if it fermented into yogurt or cheese first, but then later a genetic mutation happened and humans started to produce the lactase needed to break down the lactose in milk and thus could drink it.

          I had no idea that we had genetically mutated to drink milk. Seems you do learn something new every day.  This spreadable cheese is made by combining yogurt ( greek preferably) with finely diced herbs including the flowers and then left to hang until it reaches the consistency you like, Some of the herbs mention I did not recognize so I am sure you could use your favorite herbs in place of any you don’t have access to. Such a gorgeous cheese ball with the flowers and leaves in it.



Read more>>>>   https://gathervictoria.com/2015/03/08/womens-magic-yogurt-cheese-recipe/

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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