RecipesMake Your Own Creamed Honey

Make Your Own Creamed Honey

    Make your own creamed honey   Creamed honey, also known as whipped honey, churned honey, spun honey among other names is actually crystalized honey that is made of smooth crystals instead of the rough square ones that no one wants on their toast because it is kind of crunchy. The smooth crystals in creamed honey are not crunchy but they make the honey smooth and creamy. It is great for toast because  it doesn’t drip like liquid honey. Perfect for kids. I never knew how to make it before because I had only ever seen it as whipped honey, and I always assumed it was whipped with a mixer.

    I make a honey butter that I mix with a mixer and it is really good on toast but if you just want honey that you can spread without all the sticky dripping.

Make Your Own Creamed Honey


The Bee Journal tells you how you can take liquid honey and add a small amount of creamed honey, stir and after a while the whole jar of liquid honey will be creamed honey. This would be a great product to add to the shelves for folks that sell their honey. I think after reading the comments that you could probably add some fruit syrup to it after you have creamed it to make a flavored creamed honey.

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