RecipesMake Your Own Delicious Sausages At Home

Make Your Own Delicious Sausages At Home

Learn how to make your own homemade delicious sausages at home. If you like breakfast sausage or Italian sausage you will love this site because they will provide a recipe and then tell you how to make the sausage. They even have an  automated ingredient calculator in Excel format that you can download. The calculator is set for one pound of meat and all the ingredients for the recipe so if you are only going to make one pound you would be all set. If you want to make more than one pound just insert the amounts of meats in pounds that you will be using and the calculator will automatically figure the amounts of the other ingredients to match yours amount of meat. There are a lot of recipes for sausages with recipes for all of these.

Sweet Italian sausage with wild fennel

• Sweet Spanish sausage with white raisins

• Sage-and-savory breakfast sausages

• Portuguese linguica with Spanish sherry

• Cajun chaurice

• Alsatian Christmas sausage

• Hungarian Raisin Sausage

• Andouille

• Spanish Chorizo

New! Russian Fruit Sausage

New! Italian Porcini Sausage

You can find the calculator and recipes on Sausage Mania.

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