DIY ProjectsMake Your Own Gutter Vacuum

Make Your Own Gutter Vacuum

It is that time of year. Time to pull out the ladder and climb up to clean the gutters, or is it? With these instructions to make your own gutter vacuum. You won’t need the ladder and you can stop climbing one every year to do this annual chore.

Make Your Own Gutter Vacuum

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The gutters need to be cleaned out every year so that all the leaves and various seed pods, sticks and twigs that have spent all year falling in to them can be removed allowing for better drainage.  If you don’t clean your gutters you can end up with a damaged roof from where the water can’t flow down so melts and seeps under the shingles damaging the wood. The gutter could also split if it gets over filled with ice.

This idea from Spilling Coffee of taking a shop vac or chipper pr even a leaf vacuum and re-purposing it to make  gutter vacuum that you can use from the ground. No need to be climbing up and down a ladder to get them cleaned. He shows how to make an extension that goes up and then curves over so you can simple vacuum the leaves right out of the gutters. This is a really nice idea for folks like me that are afraid of heights and so cannot climb ladders or someone maybe a little older who really shouldn’t be climbing ladders. It works for anyone that would rather stand on the ground than on a ladder. Just in time for the fall gutter cleaning.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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