Food DehydratingMake Your Own Jerky Like A Pro

Make Your Own Jerky Like A Pro

If your family likes jerky then you probably know how incredibly expensive it is to buy it at the store.  A package that costs over five dollars usually doesn’t even have enough pieces for a family to each have two pieces. In my house between grand kids and husband I would probably have to buy 30 dollars worth just to  satisfy their cravings for jerky. Te Cheap Bastard shares a video showing you how to make your own jerky at home. You can buy beef to make it or if there is a hunter in the house and you have venison you can make your jerky out of it. It really isn’t hard to make jerky at home. I have made it with deer meat and it is really simple. It takes a while for the dehydration to take place but it is much less expensive to make it than to buy it even if you buy the beef to make it. You will get a lot more jerky for your money that you will ever get out of those packages of jerky. I like the recipe he uses in the video and I think I will try his at least on some of my jerky next time I make it. I usually don’t use the ginger he used  but I use teriyaki sauce because my grandson loves teriyaki flavored jerky. So make your own either or both ways and enjoy.

Make Your Own Jerky Like A Pro




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