Make Your Own Niddy Noddy To Create Skeins Of Yarn

If you are into fiber arts and use a lot of yarn make your own niddy noddy to create your own skeins of yarn. Folks that use a lot of yarn buy it in left over bundles and thrift stores and garage sales. This way they can have a stock of yarn without paying full price for it. This helps because yarn has gotten kind of pricey over the years.

Make You Own Niddy Noddy To Create Skeins Of Yarn

You can also recycle yarn from sweater and what not that you can buy 2nd hand in thrift shops and again garage sales. How ever you acquire your yarn  a niddy noddy can help you take those balls and bundles and turn them into store quality skeins while letting you figure out exactly how much yarn there is.

You can buy a niddy noddy but they also are not cheap. This tutorial for making your own niddy noddy will help you to make one for less than 10 dollars. So you will have a little more money to spend on yarn.

The tutorial and instructions for making your own niddy noddy to create skeins of yarn are from, The Lost Pages and they tell us that you can actually decide in what size hanks you want to make when building this niddy noddy. Simply by adjusting the body of the niddy noddy you can choose the size of skein you will end up with.

Length of HankLength of Body Section
1 yard5.5 inches
1 meter6.5 inches or 16.5cm
1.5m or 60 inches12 inches or 30.5cm
2 yards15 inches
2 meters16.5 inches or 41.5cm

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