NeedlecraftMake Your Own Paper Towel Replacement And Save

Make Your Own Paper Towel Replacement And Save

      Make your own paper towel replacement and save. Save money, save on not buying paper towels, save on less landfill usage and save on the cutting down of trees to make the paper towels. I am not really sure when we became such a throw away society but between everything that is now built to be replaced rather than repaired and thrown out rather than reused I really like this idea of sewing a dozen or more cloth towels to replace paper towels.

           I can remember when we took a case of pop bottles back to the store and they were sterilized and reused. I strongly believe we should return to reusing glass bottles especially as now we buy everything in individual bottles from soda to juices and teas and millions upon millions of bottles of water. Why are we determined to cover the planet in plastic?

     Anyway here is one small thing we can do, 104 Homestead shows us how to make our own paper towel replacement so we can take one tiny baby step towards reuse rather than throw away. This should not be a hard change to make in any home that has a washer and dryer in it.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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