DessertsMake Your Own Probiotic Water Kefir Gummies

Make Your Own Probiotic Water Kefir Gummies

Make your own probiotic water kefir gummies and give your kids a fruit snack that also provides probiotics which help the good gut flora keep the bad flora in check. Bad gut flora can cause a lot of issues from diarrhea to Chron’s disease so consuming fermented foods can help prevent a lot of ailments while boosting the immune system.

Make Your Own Probiotic Water Kefir Gummies

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Water Kefir is a non dairy way to make your probiotic filled water. If you want to see how to make water kefir you can see it done in a video here. Usually gummy snacks are made with juice which has a lot of natural sugar in it or some are made with artificial flavors and sugar, none of which you really want to give to your children. You can make them with less juice by adding water kefir which will also add the probiotics and since you can use a different juice or fruit purée each time you can have a variety of flavors. Let the kids pick their favorite flavor.

They will never know they are eating something healthy while you will have the satisfaction of giving them a healthy snack. Frugal Farmwife shares the recipe for these probiotic water kefir gummies. She has tried a couple of different flavors and says her family really likes them made with peach purée. I bet they would be good with watermelon juice too.


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