CleanersMake Your Own Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Make Your Own Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Make your own toilet bowl cleaner with these five simple ingredients. Let it soak overnight and brush in the morning for a clean bowl and a fresh smelling bathroom. I love finding natural ways to clean the house because not only does it keep the chemicals out but most natural cleaning supplies are very inexpensive so that you can create your cleaners for pennies which is a huge savings over store bought cleaners.

Make Your Own Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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This recipe is shared by Home Spun Seasonal Living and calls for vinegar, borax and some essential oils along with water, and that is it, no chemicals colors, cleaners or fragrances. Vinegar is not really a great cleaner all by its self but it does decontaminate and kill germs. The addition of the borax adds the cleaning power and the essential oils provide a nice scent to make your bathroom smell great. While this recipe calls for 2 different essential oils I like to switch them up.

I really like pink grapefruit and lemon but  I think you could pick your two favorites if you wanted something different that what is called for, after all it will scent your bathroom so pick scents that you like. Other than that this is an easy recipe to make and use and will cost only pennies per use while it both cleans the toilet and leaves a nice scent. Hard to go wrong with that.


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