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Make Your Own Wild Violet Honey Butter

     If you have wild violets near you that have not been sprayed with weed killer why not pick some and make this incredibly beautiful wild violet honey butter and enjoy the gorgeous flowers while you can. They are here early in spring when everyone is so ready for some garden fresh produce and since these are picked fresh it makes you feel as if you are on your way to garden time.

     The flowers are infused in honey and then you make the honey butter. I love the little pieces of violet in the butter. Spread some on a bagel or English muffin or try some on a scone.

Make Your Own Wild Violet Honey Butter

Any way you decide to use this butter I am sure you will want to run out and pick all the wild violets you can find to make sure you have plenty of this wild violet honey butter in the fridge for when you want some.

        If you are very lucky and have lots of wild violets that you can forage you could also make up a batch of  Violet Freezer Jam and then you could still be eating your spring wild violets in the winter.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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