Make Your Own Wool Duvet Comforter


For many years, wool has been a famous material for all-natural toppers, protectors, mattresses, comforters, pillows, and some bedding and the demand continues to grow day by day. Once you consider all the benefits of this fiber, it is clear to see why it’s the case.

According to studies, it shows that people who sleep with wool bedding have low heart rate, increased duration of REM sleep, and less sleep disturbance. Wool thermo regulates naturally and comfortable in every season. During winter, wool warms without causing clamminess and overheating.

In summer and spring, it helps you stay cool through wicking moisture away from your skin. This makes wool the perfect material for bedding since it helps your body to have a comfortable temperature throughout the night no matter what the season is.

Wool is resistant to mildew and mold by nature. It releases and absorbs moisture quickly and does not let the damp conditions that mildews and molds thrive one. Some fibers including cotton and down do not release moisture readily and are more susceptible to collecting various allergens.

If you want to benefit from wool bedding, you can make your own wool duvet comforter by Becky Utecht from River Oaks Farm  Studio. If you have lots of wool, you can make this for you and your family members.