Makeover Plastic Containers for Food Pantry Storage

Makeover Plastic Containers for Food Pantry Storage

This step by step tutorial of how to makeover plastic containers for food pantry storage is a great way to reuse and repurpose items.

Everyone likes to keep a well-stocked pantry because homesteaders who buy in bulk save money and time by not running to the grocery store every other day. This tutorial brings you yet another exciting DIY project which will take an item headed for the recycling bin and give it a 2nd useful function.

When you buy in BULK, ten and twenty pound bags of sugar, flour and other food staples will need to be stored in smaller containers that you can readily reach. Giving old coffee containers a makeover can create a uniform look that labels can easily be attached too. The main idea behind this project is “reduce, reuse, and recycle”.

Makeover Plastic Containers for Food Pantry Storage

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This article is divided into 10 steps, with detailed instructions to make it easier for people to understand it, especially the first timers, who are new at doing DIY craft projects.

In order to give our readers a visual about how each step looks and so that one may assess their level of progress, each step is accompanied by a picture and in the end there is a video of the entire process.

The main thing is to hide the original product label on a container which cannot be peeled off and this article offers a perfect solution for it. You can use containers of any material that you like and this little project is easy and fun to do.

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