RecipesMaking Beef Jerky with 6 Different Marinades Recipes

Making Beef Jerky with 6 Different Marinades Recipes

Making beef jerky with  no 10 different recipes.

Learning the technique of the making beef jerky with 6 different marinades recipes is a variety tour for your taste buds. Baking it low and slow is key to retaining the flavor of the marinade.

Making Beef Jerky with 6 Different Marinades Recipes

You have probably seen the store brand and even tried it out to discover the wonderful taste of beef jerky. It is just some of the most filling and flavorful meat that you have ever found. You will not get enough no matter the how much you buy…. so you better make a big batch.

Well, did you know that you can have that same great flavor and more when you make it yourself. It is not even that hard to make some – if you have an oven or a smoker at home. All you need is the right seasonings to match your taste and some beef and you’re pretty much set. You will want to choose the cuts of beef that work well for you, which could be round steak or even lean flank.

Personal preference and the recipes below will dictate the cut you want for the best flavors and type of jerky you want to make yourself. Maybe you are a fan of sirloin.


With the meat, you will want to consider the seasonings you want based on your own preference in terms of marinades before you actually turn the beef into jerky. Below, you’ll find that there are several choices to match almost any preference you have, even ones that will allow you to venture into the hot and spicy should you so desire. Once you’ve chosen your marinade and allowed the sliced beef to soak in all that goodness, you’re ready to transform your cut beef into the most delicious jerky you’ll ever taste.

Just get that oven or smoker ready and taste the yumminess.

Click here to read about the making beef jerky with 6 no 10  different marinades recipes:×24-homemade-beef-jerky/

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