Food DehydratingMaking Delicious Sun Dried Dehydrated Tomatoes

Making Delicious Sun Dried Dehydrated Tomatoes

The process of making delicious sun dried dehydrated tomatoes is an amazing way to preserve your homestead garden harvest. Slice your tomatoes in the same uniform thickness so they dry at about the same rate. Just add olive oil and salt and sprinkle over tomatoes in a bowl before laying tomatoes on each rack in dehydrator.

Making Delicious Sun Dried Dehydrated Tomatoes

Do you know that just having a dehydrator makes it easy for you to effectively make your own sun-dried tomatoes at home? Yes, it is incredibly easy. The quality can even be more enriching than any you’ve ever purchased.

If you are a tomato lover, knowing that your excess tomatoes can now be easily preserved for use in the winter is no small news. Just like you would buy in the store, these simply sun-dried tomatoes can give that gourmet touch and a burst of flavor to a variety of recipes. Interestingly, they have no preservatives or additives in them as they are all natural.

Due to their overall simplicity, you would never have to purchase them again in any store. As a matter of fact, these will make excellent gifts, especially during the winter session. You can either choose to dehydrate your tomatoes with or without seeds. You can decide to dry them with seeds if you plan to use them as they are (dried). But if you are looking to grind them into tomato powder afterward, then it’s good you do away with the seeds.

There is no big deal in doing it as anyone can do this. All the relevant steps and methods for making them are presented in this article. Sun drying tomatoes is a great thing any parent can do with their kids.

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