Making Hard Apple Cider

Making Hard Apple Cider

Apples are in season and you can learn how to make your own hard apple cider the easy way in this article.
Cider, also referred to as hard cider in the North America, is an alcoholic beverage that is prepared using the fermented juice of apples. We all know that apples come in variety but we can use any of them to prepare cider. However, people use cider apples to get the best results. Cider is most popular in the United Kingdom.

Making Hard Apple Cider

The country has the highest per capita consumption across the world and it is important to mention that the largest cider companies are also located in the UK. Furthermore, cider itself comes in different varieties. It can vary from dry to sweet. Cider also varies in colour. Some of them are clear while others can be found amber and brown. In this article from Self Reliant School, the author has describes in detail an easy way to prepare hard cider. Most people buy cider from the market and there are many brands to choose from.

However, preparing cider at home is not difficult as mentioned in this article. The post is quite detailed coupled with relevant images that help the reader to understand the procedure more easily. Read this article and follow the instructions to prepare your own cider at home.

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