RecipesMaking Homemade Yeast For Bread Baking

Making Homemade Yeast For Bread Baking

Learn how to make homemade yeast for bread baking out of apples and then how to use your homemade yeast to make a starter dough for your bread. I had heard of making the starter for baking sourdough bread but it turns out that once you have your starter you can add salt to prevent the dough going sour.

I prefer my bread not sour. I know loads of folks love sourdough bread but I am not one of them. Well with this recipe I suppose if you wanted sourdough starter you could just leave the salt out. The starter lasts about a week and you need to add a pinch of salt on the days you don’t bake bread. This is how it was done in the old days and I found it very interesting. Article by Maud Spear on Ready Nutrition.

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