DIY ProjectsMaking Newspaper Bricks DIY Project

Making Newspaper Bricks DIY Project

Have you had experience making paper newspaper bricks ?

See how to make your own long lasting newspaper bricks. I have helped a friend makes newspaper bricks who swears that  they burn wonderfully because they are compressed. (Yeah, I helped with the work but did not get the chance to enjoy them.)
It is quite a bit of work but it is using newspaper which can be found easily and is has a rewarding feeling of self sufficiency.


  • Use a office paper shredder if you want to speed up the process or rip the newspaper into small bits. 

  • Make sure you soak the newspaper for 2-3 days allowing the water to break the newspaper down into a pulp. Some people add a cap fullof bleach to speed up this process but personally I have never tried it.

  •  Fill the brick maker really firmly, almost overflowing…if you don’t you will get a loose brick that will
    burn quickly. The more compressed and solid the brick, the longer it
    will burn.

  • Newspaper bricks take weeks or months depending on your climate. The exact time
    will vary, depending on what season you take on this project. Your bricks can dry out in the hot summer sun, and
    be ready for winter.

  • You can experiment with other materials as well…adding sawdust, wood chips and such.

This cool paper
log maker makes up to 4 brick shaped logs at a time and is a
cost-effective solution to buying firewood (not cheap these days). You get
everything you need to make clean burning, low-smoke logs out of newspapers.
It is easy to use, environmentally friendly and built to last.

 newspaper brick making

 newspaper brick making


newspaper brick making



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