GardeningMaking Rabbit Poop Super Garden Fertilizer

Making Rabbit Poop Super Garden Fertilizer

The making of rabbit poop super garden fertilizer is quick and easy with these two ways of using it in your garden.

As in all animals, when they eat and drink – they poop. Rabbits poop turns into fertilizer GOLD for your garden and/or flower beds.

Making Rabbit Poop Super Garden Fertilizer


Raising rabbits on your homestead can have multiple benefits. They can be one of the best investments you can make for your family. Not only do rabbits work to teach members of your family responsibility in caring and feeding for animals.

You may be wondering why rabbit poop is literally a miracle for making your garden grow. Their feces and urine seem to pack one nice punch to fertilizing your plants and vegetables.

In fact, you may find that having rabbits can can be a homesteading livestock winner:

Rabbit poop and urine – you do not have to wait to use (straight from the rabbit butt to the garden)
Ok, it is a little of topic but rabbits are also great to raise for their meat and fur because they are such quick breeders.

They are especially great options, if you have a smaller scale homestead due to your small yard or tiny garden. Well, it’s really quite simple if you read the instructions below to learn more about making your own bunny brew, setting up your system to one comparable to the one below.

You do not even need much in the way of supplies to get your rabbit waste garden growing brew. All you need is some way of collecting the waste, some five gallon buckets, burlap, clips, and a long stirring stick for the mixture as you don’t want to get your hands dirty. With this brew, you will find that your garden has never looked so good.

Click here to read about making of rabbit poop super garden fertilizer:

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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