Food DehydratingMaking Spinach Powder

Making Spinach Powder

Making spinach powder is super easy to do. It allows you to get that healthy spinach into the kids without any hassle at all. Spinach has been known for its high nutritional content and health benefits. There was a time when you could convince your kids to eat spinach while referencing them Popeye. However, that strategy does not last, especially when adults themselves don’t like eating spinach.

Making Spinach Powder

Vegetables can be cooked in great ways to taste better but some veggies still remain ignored due to their unappreciated taste. It is not that everyone dislikes spinach but a majority don’t like it. However, you can easily benefit from the nutritional value of spinach without actually tasting it. Yes, that is very much possible. All you need is spinach powder. Spinach powder is difficult to find unless you live in some big city, I have never seen it in a store. But, you can easily make spinach powder at home.


This tutorial from Kitchn outlines a recipe for making spinach powder, by dehydrating and them grinding into a powder. You can use the spinach powder in various ways like adding them to brownies, cookies, salad and other daily cooking. It is an effective way to gain the health benefits of spinach without having to deal with the odd taste and enjoy delicious dishes at the same time. It is easy to make and no complicated equipment is required. This is a perfect way to get the nutrition of spinach into picky eaters without any fuss at all. You can make many other veggie powders the same way. Just dehydrate, grind into powder and then add the powders to other foods.

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Update: unfortunately the link that The Kitchn provides is a dead ling. So to make the spinach powder all you really need to do is dehydrate the spinach in single layers. Once totally dry all you need to do is grind them in a spice or coffee grinder. Keep the powder in an air tight container so it will stay fresh between uses.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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