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Making a Survival Gig From a Sapling

Making a survival gig from a sapling could be a way to feed yourself if you ever needed it. When it comes to surviving in the wild it is all about finding a sustainable source of food. That means you will need to have a way to capture and kill the indigenous creatures in the area you find yourself in. While larger game animals would provide much more meat to eat, the smaller creatures are much more readily available. However, you need a way to harvest these small creatures like snakes, mice, rabbits and many others.

Making a Survival Gig From a Sapling

This Do It Yourself project will should you how easy it is to turn a simple sapling from a local hardwood tree into a useful tool called a Survival Gig. The tool features four uniquely shaped tines (similar to a trident) that are sharpened and used to capture a wide variety of small-sized game animals. It only requires a few items to make one and it all starts with a well sharpened hunting knife. The project is really easy to follow and can be accomplished in just a few hours.

Benefits of reading and following the DIY Project: Making a Survival Gig From a Sapling

Create your very own tool that can easily be used over and over again to harvest small game
The project includes an easy to follow plan that has a complete list of all of materials and tools needed
It also has a complete step by step instruction guide that will make it easy to accomplish


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