Making Your Thanksgiving Cornucopia Tutorial


With Thanksgiving coming up I thought folks may like to see how to make a cornucopia to use as a centerpiece or in these two tutorials as a bread basket. You can fill yours with fruit and nuts of flowers and leaves or bread and as Lilyshop shares her tutorial she even paints one and fills it with chocolates, it looks amazing too. She makes her cornucopia from pizza dough. Living with Amy video shows how to make it using frozen bread dough. Either way you make yours it is a great way to add charm to your holiday table.

Making Your Thanksgiving Cornucopia Tutorial

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If you would like a cornucopia for fruit or even chocolates, they have other varieties of them on the site. The one they made for candy was even painted with a chocolate paint. These cornucopias are just gorgeous. Since you don’t have to make the dough all the work of these statement pieces will be the creating of the actual cornucopia but you will be glad that you did it because folks are going to love them.

Click here for tutorial: