Making Wild Nettles Beer Recipe


And Here We Are blog shares a great recipe how to use a wild food foraged from nature ” Stinging Nettles ” into tasty beer to share with family and friends.

Pass the glasses around and enjoy then amaze them by telling them what it is and where you found it….. what a great way to inspire others to learn how to use overlooked plants in their neighborhood, parks and forest  around them.

Of course, let them know it is an alcoholic beverage beforehand, lol.

Click here to read the recipe:

On a side note: Wild food foraging is an answer to many issues:  reduces dependency on local grocery store food that travels long distances to reach us, encourages people not to spray pesticides because what they thought were weeds are actually useful plants, eating locally helps reduce allergies and being able to identify culinary and medicinal plants is a life saving & money saving skill.