CanningMaking Your Own Homemade Pectin For Canning Recipe

Making Your Own Homemade Pectin For Canning Recipe

Learn how to make your own homemade pectin that you can use for canning. All you need to make pectin is apples, It can be any apple from Granny Smith to plain ole crab apples. This is great for homesteaders because they usually have some kind of apple tree or trees and some have a couple variety.

Most folks can the apples that fall from the tree because they will be bruised from hitting the ground and won’t store well.   You would make the pectin in the summer and then use it for early canning the next year.

Once you have your quarts of pectin, you will find instructions on how to use it when you are canning. Build an Ark shares the info on how to make and use pectin from apples. They tell us

” Apples contain a more concentrated amount of pectin when they are under-ripe rather than ripe. This means that I will have to pick the fruit about two weeks before it’s harvest ready, when the apples are still green and tart. Some apples, like the crab apples, will still contain enough pectin when ripened to be useful, while others loose the pectin as they ripen.”!.html

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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