CrochetMandala Floor Rug Crochet Tutorial

Mandala Floor Rug Crochet Tutorial

Crochet a beautiful mandala rug for your home with this tutorial that makes it looks so easy. This rug is made with t-shirt yarn so it will be nice and soft underfoot. You use to colors that compliment each other or I am sure you could choose colors that don’t if you prefer or even make it a solid color. I really like these colors for a baby girls nursery or a little girls room. You can purchase t-shirt yarn or you can make your own from t-shirts or you can use cotton jersey sheets which you can usually find at thrift shops.

If you want a more finished look you may want to buy the yarn so you won’t have the knots where you have to join the strips you cut from sheets or tees. You can cut a t-shirt and make it be all one continuous strip and I will add a video below that will show you how to do that. There are lots of projects around that you can crochet or knit using t-shirt yarn. This rug is really pretty and would make a great gift. it would work in a bathroom since its cotton and would soak up water it would make a nice bath mat. Crafts Tutsplus shares the tutorial. I really love the look of it. If you have problems following the tutorial, look to the comments as there are plenty of folks helping to make it clearer.


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HOW TO make continuous t-shirt yarn

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Melissa Francis
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