RecipesMason Jar Meals For School Lunch

Mason Jar Meals For School Lunch

Are your kids turning up their noses to the lunch being served in school now days? Send them with a home made lunch with some of these mason jar meals for school lunch. I know my grand kids are not liking the lunch provided at school since they started following Mrs. O’s guidelines. Even the things they did like before they tell me are not good anymore.

Mason Jar Meals For School Lunch

I know they used to love the pizza and burger lunch but now I guess it just goes into the trash because they said the stuff is soggy and doesn’t taste good. I already know that kids are picky eaters and serving them food that they don’t eat I guess will maybe help the obesity problem. No eating means no calorie intake but is this really the way? Instead of serving food to the kids that they won’t eat why not make the food producers stop adding high fructose corn syrup to almost every thing you buy in the store.

If not the hcfs then they add sugar. Have you looked at store biscuits, the kind in the roll that you pop open and then bake? They have sugar in them! Why in the world would they feel the need to add sugar to biscuits? Sorry, end rant. Any way if you are having the lunch issue with your kids and would like to see them eat food rather than go hungry while throwing away what is offered, check out these mason jar meals from Big Red Kitchen. She has a whole list of them that will appeal to kids. Here is a pic of a breakfast meal and check out what the kids use for a lunch box.

This lady is a genius. Scroll to the bottom of THIS page to see how to carry your lunch and a sample meal.  There are a couple of different pages of mason jar meals to go through aside from the link in this post. You can check out the left side of her blog page for more. I think even grownups may like these mason jar meal for school lunch.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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