RecipesMason Jar Salad For Lunch On The Go

Mason Jar Salad For Lunch On The Go

There Mason Jar Salad For Lunch On The Go has a number of things you can do and this cullinary project has instructions and recipe for a delicious tasting garden salad that is portable.

Mason Jar Salad For Lunch On The Go

The mix and match cullinary project and recipe are being shared so that more people who have taken up backyard gardening would have at least one way to prepare the fresh veggies that they grew in their garden. The tutorial that is included in the project describes all of the ingredients that go into making the Mason Jar Salad and a detailed preparation guide helps to make it extremely easy for anyone to follow.

Variety of Ingredients for Mason Jar Salad:

* Pomegranate Seeds

* Cucumbers

* Tomatoes

* Bell Peppers

* Sliced Onions

* Lemon

* Salt

* Pepper

* Olive oil

* Vinegar, balsamic, white, apple cider

* Dill, Parsley, garlic minced

* Spinach

* Romaine

* Sunflowr Seeds

* Arugula

* kale

* red or green leaf lettuce

* butter lettuce

* watercress

* red cabbage

* chopped tomatoes

* grape or cherry tomatoes

* sun dried tomatoes

* cucumber (with or without the peel)

* mushrooms

* carrots

* bell peppers

* water chestnuts

* jicama

* sunflower seeds

* pepitas (pumpkin seeds)

* walnuts

* pecans

* sliced almonds

* avocado

* beets

* radishes

* edamame

* quinoa

* kidney beans

* black beans

* garbanzo beans (chick peas)

* grilled chicken

* rotisserie chicken

* turkey

* grilled steak

* taco seasoned ground turkey

* tuna

* smoked salmon

* hard boiled eggs

* tofu

* cottage cheese

* peas

* celery

* olives

* cooked asparagus

* broccoli

* cauliflower

* raspberries

* blueberries

* strawberries

* raisins

* dried cranberries

* chopped apples

* pears

* grapes

spring mix lettuce

Mason Jar Salad For Lunch On The Go

Gardening has become a very popular activity all across the country and this is mainly because people are looking to live much healthier. Part of living healthier is eating more fresh vegetables and the best way to do that is to have your own backyard garden. What to do once you have harvested the vegetables that you have grown in your garden.

~~~~~ Benefits of reading the Homemade Recipes: How to make a mason jar salad

* Discover how really easy it is to make the great tasting garden fresh salad that can be put in your pantry and stored for months

* The recipe includes a complete listing of all of the necessary ingredients, supplies, and tools needed to get started

* The preparation guide is well written and provides an easy, step by step instructional guide on hope to make it

* There are several full-color pictures that are included in hopes to provide the reader with a good visual representation of the recipe

All of the information that is included is presented in a way that makes it really easy to read and understand.

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