How to Make Your Own Mason Jar Scented Oil Candle

Learn how to make your own mason jar scented oil candle for your self or to give as gifts. Create these mason jar candles with scented oil and make the whole house smell wonderful. I love these with the pine cones, fruits and things in them. They look so much more interesting than just the oil.

How to Make Your Own Mason Jar Scented Oil Candle

Recycled Daw has the tutorial to make them. If you would rather decorate a candle for the holidays check out this DIY Holiday Peppermint Candle. You can put either green or red peppermint candies on a three wick candle for Christmas.

He forgot to add the wick holder insert to the list and you need them. Here is a link to them on Amazon but you may find them in a local craft store such as Michael’s. Once you make the lamp they say you can add the items you wish to the oil to infuse it with scent. Try adding cardamom and vanilla essential oils, they smell so good.

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