HomesteadingWasps and Yellow Jackets (Meat Bee) Trap

Wasps and Yellow Jackets (Meat Bee) Trap

Make a meat bee trap and keep them away from the kids and the picnic table area. This will not attract honeybees, they do not eat meat. These are not the honey bees that come to pollinate your garden plants and flowers but the bees that eat meat and are mean. If yellow jackets get a good start they will make a nest in the ground and if someone steps on that opening they will be stung multiple times. For a young child or pet or even an adult if they are allergic this can be a life threatening occurence. it is really hard to enjoy a day in the backyard grilling and for the kids to play if you have wasps and yellow jackets flying about.  Sierra Foothill Garden shows how to make this meat bee trap and keep them under control.

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