Medical & HealthMedical Uses For Everyday Household Items

Medical Uses For Everyday Household Items

This interesting list of medical uses for everyday household items can really come in handy during frugal times. Let’s face it, when it comes to medical emergencies they don’t always happen at the most opportune time. This is where an article like this can really come in handy and should be used as a ready guide.

Medical Uses For Everyday Household Items

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The author put together a comprehensive list of the most common items and what they could be used for in an urgent medical situation. Some of them might seem obvious, while others you may have not even considered. Everyone should keep a copy of this article handy just in case something on the list could be used by your family.

This is when it is important to know that some common household products can be used in a medical emergency. Would you be able to tell what items would be best suited for what specific purpose?

Benefits of reading the Medical Uses For Everyday Items Article

● The article describes how many of things that we have around the house have possible medical uses in an emergency

● The medical uses of each of the items are explained thoroughly

● Article includes an image that depicts one on the items on the list

Household Items:

Ziplock bags


Credit/bank cards

Duct tape

Feminine hygiene products

Hair elastics/scrunchies/elastic bands

Soda bottles

Safety pins


Natural Yogurt

Ice /bag of frozen peas


Kitchen Foil

You want to always be near a medical facility or be able to call for help easily.

Click here to read about list of medical uses for everyday household items:


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