RecipesMexican Sauteed Spinach (Espinacas Guisadas)

Mexican Sauteed Spinach (Espinacas Guisadas)

       If your spinach id doing well or you just love spinach here is a really delicious way to prepare it. I love spinach, I like it with vinegar on it or in souffle or in salads. I can’t really think of any way I don’t like it but this recipe is the absolute best ever way of eating spinach. In Mexico this is haw they make espinacas or spinach as you prefer. This dish is so good you will want to make it often. I follow Nathan’s Comida all the way except for I don’t like it super spicy so I usually remove the seeds from the jalapeño peppers. This stuff is so good. Make some cornbread to go with. It goes with most any hot main dish.

      In Mexico some folks even use this as tamale filling instead of meat, you can also pound boneless chicken thighs flat and the spoon some spinach onto it and roll up and tie and bake in the oven. You could put some on a large piece of flank or skirt steak and roll, tie and then cook it on the gill too. Pretty much anyway you eat this spinach is good and I wish I had planted more spinach. Nathan does say you can use other greens this way so I may try kale or chard soon.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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